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a lady with full lips after lip fillers

Naturally enhanced lips, the new way forward. 

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At Skin Solutions, Derbyshire, we are proud that our clients are beautiful in their own way. However, should you want to enhance that beauty, we offer you the support to make the right decision for you, as to whether lip enhancement will achieve the look you desire. Too often we see the ‘duck lip’ look…. Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermal Filler.
an older lady considering botox

The all natural procedure, PRP, is it for you? 

Posted on

Here at Skin Solutions Clinic, within the High Peak, Derbyshire we aim to make all our patients feel as confident as possible. If you are considering PRP as a treatment, this blog will help inform your decision and answer all the questions you have about this treatment. Here, with the correct guidance, we hope to… Continue reading >>

Categories: PRP.

Our Top Way To Boost Your Smile

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One of the biggest changes you can make to your appearance is enhancing your smile. At our skin clinic based in beautiful Derbyshire, we regularly carry out lip augmentation and other complementary treatments to give our clients a gorgeous grin – and a big boost to their confidence. Here’s how it all works. Consultation Whatever… Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermal Filler, Skin Solutions Clinic.

Get Set For Spring With Hair Removal

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At Skin Solutions Clinic, within the High Peak of Derbyshire, we see a range of clients about treatments both cosmetic and medical. One of them is hair removal – and as we step into Spring, with potentially warmer and dryer weather round the corner, it’s easy to see why. Both men and women come to… Continue reading >>

Categories: IPL, Skin Solutions Clinic.
a lady smiling with a non-surgical rhinoplasty

New Year, New Skin, New You

Posted on

New Year, New Skin, New You Here at Skin Solutions Clinic, a renowned skin clinic in Derbyshire run by nurse prescriber Karen Burgess BSC (hons), we always make your skin our priority. We’ve seen it time and time again with our clients – when you take care of your skin, you look and feel happier…. Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermal Filler, Deso Body, Men.

Hone your figure with Deso Body

Posted on

Starting a new year (and decade) gives you time to take stock of what’s really important in your life – you! It can be a time of realisation for some, as work, family and other commitments can sometimes get in the way of taking care of you and your skin. Here at Skin Solutions Clinic… Continue reading >>

Categories: Deso Body, Skin Solutions Clinic.

Treating acne scarring

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At Skin Solutions, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures. While some are arguably beautifying, acne treatment is more condition-led, helping soften the look of scarring and helping those who have had the skin problem in the past feel more like themselves in the future. Before we go into the acne scarring treatments available, which… Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermal Filler, Dermaroller, IPL.

3 ways to rejuvenate your face

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Here at Skin Solutions, our comprehensive range of treatments mean there’s something for every person and every skin need. In this post, we’ll cover 3 of our favourite ways to rejuvenate your face, right here at our Derbyshire clinic. The liquid face lift These semi-permanent makeovers use injections to stimulate collagen production in your skin,… Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermaroller, V Lift.

Our treatments for men

Posted on

The cosmetic industry may seem to be mainly targeted towards women, but times are definitely changing and the secret is officially out! More and more men are seeing and enjoying fantastic results from a whole range of treatments, with great prices, expert treatment and options for every area of the body on offer. Our top… Continue reading >>

Categories: Men, Skin Solutions Clinic, Treatments.

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