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Our Skin Care Range

Here at Skin Solutions Clinic, we strive to be the best, therefore creating our own product line allowed us to be transparent and clear with what we were creating and selling. Here is a list of our range and what they can offer.

Lip Plumper

Our amazing Lip Plumper, is very popular. Its two main ingredients include: Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Extract has the ability to increase the circulatory rate and thus increase blood flow so that the lips look fuller. Tripetide-29 has the ability to stimulate collagen production which creates stronger, firmer lip tissue.



This product is great for exfoliating and keeping the skin glowing. Its three ingredients include: Glycolic Acid, which has collagen synthesizing properties which thickens and strengthens the skin. Vitamin E has an antioxidant capacity which protects against free radicals and strengthens the skin barrier. Hydrated Silica has mechanical exfoliation properties which physically remove dead skin cells, making the skin look and feel smoother.

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