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We value your comments and would love to hear how you felt about your appointment with Karen Burgess BSC (hons), or the treatment you received. One of the most rewarding aspects of treating clients at Skin Solutions Clinic is hearing of the positive impact a treatment can have on someone’s wellbeing.

  • Wonderful professional services available. Nothing is too much trouble for Karen and her team.

    Vicki, 2021
  • One of the treatments that i’ve had at Skin Solutions is IPL for facial capillaries. I have red veins on my cheeks, nose and even a few on my neck which have been accentuated even more by the onset of hot flushes. I.P.L has made a huge difference. It’s not without discomfort but Karen had started to use a pain relief cream beforehand and that makes it a lot more bearable. I.P.L is more than worth the slight discomfort as the results are so good. It may not get rid of every single vein, depending on how bad they are when you start, but it certainly gets rid of a lot. Karen always takes before and after photographs and the difference between them is amazing.

  • As a British Climbing Team member and very active person, I don’t typically think of myself as the type of person that goes for ‘beauty treatments’ however, laser hair removal has been amazing! I often have my under arms on display during training sessions and having dark and course hair means shaving and waxing has been troublesome leaving rashes or ingrowing hairs. After the first treatment, I was shocked and amazed at the difference, almost half my under arm hair had gone and my skin has not been red or irritated since! The treatment itself is a little painful but Karen makes the environment very relaxed and even when having my bikini line done, Karen is very professional and considerate. I recommend this treatment and clinic to everyone!

  • Although these treatments are excellent and I would highly recommend them the most important thing for me is that I wouldn’t trust anyone else other than Karen to do them. Karen genuinely cares about what her clients want as individuals and that for me is both extremely important and in my experience unique. I trust the advice that she gives me implicitly and always know that it’s what’s best for me to achieve what I want within the boundaries of looking good. I know that whatever Karen does I won’t ever leave the Clinic looking like I’ve had something “done” which is what I want to achieve - to grow old gracefully with as much natural looking help as possible! Karen always has time for her clients, before, during and after the treatments.

  • After months of spending money on a range of expensive creams and treatments with failed promised results I was recommended to Karen at Skin Solutions Clinic. Karen talked me through a skin regime that suited my problem of pigmentation. After a thorough private consultation I started the Obagi treatment the overall results got better every week. The products are also priced well costing much less than premium over the counter creams. It is the only treatment I have used that has given me amazing results.

    Anonymous 2
  • My closest friends and family were always asking me why I looked so sad and was I ok. I actually was ok and happy but my face was ‘looking sad’ in that the corners of my mouth had dropped giving me an upside down smile! Consulted with Karen at Skin Solutions Clinic and she assured me that she would soon have my smile back in place and that’s exactly what she did! Now no longer have people asking me why am I so sad looking thanks to Karen’s splendid work.

    Siobhan, Co. Antrim
  • For quite a while I have thought about having my lips enhanced with filler but I’ve always been very wary of the ‘trout pout’ look. I eventually plucked up courage to have them done and I’m absolutely thrilled at the result. Not one person has commented on them (which is what I wanted) but I notice the difference and have even started to wear lipstick again. Not only do my lips look great but I have less lines on my top lip and Karen has even managed to turn up the corners of my mouth which has started to droop!

  • Highly recommend Karen for lip filler. I’ve gone from having zero lips to lovely natural looking lips that I feel much more confident since having.

    Sarah, 2021
  • It was a real relief to find Karen when I realised I needed laser treatment on my face - a very scary thought! Karen is extremely professional and her qualifications as an Independent Nurse Prescriber are very reassuring. She is very friendly and welcoming and makes sure that she has a full medical history before proceeding. Her state of the art clinic is a calm oasis - a very peaceful place. She soon made me feel comfortable and confident as she explained carefully the procedures she recommended. I’m sure that I will be going back for more treatment in future, and I have no hesitation in recommending her. If you have any queries at all relating to your skin, don’t hesitate to contact Karen, you won’t be disappointed.

    Diana Golding, Buxton
  • I had laser treatment done earlier this year to rid my underarm hair by Karen at Skin Solutions Clinic. I can highly recommend this treatment to anybody who is fed up of shaving. Karen is very professional in all she does.

  • A beautiful clinic in the countryside with a highly qualified and extremely personable owner - what more could you ask for? I can highly recommend both the sutures and the perfect peel treatments (among others)! I’ve been really happy with the results of both of these treatments, the minimal discomfort, how quickly I could see the results and the continued improvement. What I like is that Karen gives impartial advice and only recommends what she believes is necessary to get the desired effect. Anon, Buxton

    Anon, Buxton
  • I have been a client of Karen’s for many years now and have always found her to be very professional, honest, accommodating and really kind and caring. Skin Solutions Clinic is spotless and very welcoming and the whole atmosphere makes you feel at ease. I have Botox every 12 weeks to stop my migraines. However, as we are all aware, time stops for no-one and looking in the mirror I wasn’t happy what I saw. I found no matter what lotions or potions, expensive or cheap, nothing was achieving the result I wanted. That result that gets rid of those dark circles and sinking skin around the eyes. The look that ages us all! I went to see Karen and discussed the procedure in great length and decided to go ahead. Wow, the results were instant! I was absolutely shocked how that simple, painless procedure could boost my confidence! I now look in the mirror and think why didn’t I get this done sooner instead of wasting hundreds of pounds on those useless eye creams that DO NOT work!

    Lisa, Bakewell
  • I can highly recommend Karen at Skin Solutions Clinic and indeed have done to my closest friends who are also considering having fillers. Karen’s consultation is first class and she will only undertake work to your face which, after an in-depth and informative consultation, she believes is the best natural look. Loved my new look. Felt and looked years younger.

    Anon, Bakewell
  • I had been seeing someone in Manchester for several years for botox and filler treatments but I found Karen and Skin Solutions when I was looking for help with treatment for broken capillaries on my face. I had several sessions of IPL at Skin Solutions and as I was so thrilled with the professional service, the results and the advice that Karen gave, I decided to go to Skin Solutions for all my treatments.

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