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After months of spending money on a range of expensive creams and treatments with failed promised results I was recommended to Karen at Skin Solutions Clinic. Anonymous 2


Skin Solutions Clinic offers their complete range of treatments to both men and women. Karen Burgess BSc (hons) feels it’s vitally important to make sure the experience of cosmetic treatments for her male clients feels just as relaxed and comfortable.

Whilst the cosmetic industry is predominantly focused on women it is, of course, not exclusive to women. With men increasingly taking an interest in their looks it is essential they too should feel equally served. For those of you a little shy to take the first steps, Karen would like to assure you that all her clients are treated with complete confidentiality. It is also worth highlighting the fact that Skin Solutions Clinic benefits from a unique position of being located away from the busy high street with no waiting room and complete privacy as you arrive and leave after treatment.

Men can and do enjoy the same cosmetic benefits from the latest proven treatments at Skin Solutions Clinic as women. Men too want to look good and stay looking younger and healthier for as long as possible. From the ever-popular desire for hair removal from body-conscious males through to Male BOTOX injections and even lip enhancement for men, Karen welcomes men of all ages to her clinic.

It’s not all about vanity. BOTOX injections can be used for excessive sweating, acne scarring enabling you to lead a more fulfilling social life, hair removal for the back, not to mention treating facial scars resulting from injury or, dermal fillers and collagen stimulators for volume loss due to illness. This particular area; of life-changing treatments are for Karen the most rewarding of all. She takes great pride in being able to make a difference to someone’s life. As a nurse, for over 20 years, it is Karen’s biggest strength.

Why not book a no obligation consultation in complete privacy with Karen today to discuss any concerns or aims you may have?


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