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A chemical peel is one of the most effective treatment methods for providing an all-over skin rejuvenation to the face and neck. Skin tone, sun damage and texture, as well as maybe even tightness, can all be improved with various strengths and combinations of chemical peel.

Karen Burgess BSc (hons) provides both soothing and intensive chemical peels at Skin Solutions Clinic using the latest and most effective treatments. Chemical peels vary in their strength to provide a bespoke solution for each patient’s needs. It may be that you are looking for a quick freshen up before a night out, or something new to be included as part of your routine skin regime. In that case Karen would use a suitable chemical peel such as Obagi Radiant.

However, if you are particularly concerned about the tone or texture of your skin, or have a very important date for which you want to look your very best, you may prefer The Perfect Peel. This is one of the latest and most effective chemical peels. It’s intense and produces fantastic results.

Your choice of chemical peel will ultimately be dependent on the amount of downtime you are prepared to accept. It is generally the case, with exceptions, that the more effective the treatment, the greater the downtime. In the case of The Perfect Peel, this can be up to 5 days.

Within this time, you will shed your skin and most probably be pink on at least one day. Whilst the effect is much more noticeable, there is a small price to pay. A soothing chemical peel, perhaps enjoyed after BOTOX injections, would leave your skin feeling super smooth and refreshed; ready to go straightaway.

A chemical peel can be a very relaxing experience and, with Skin Solutions Clinic being located in the Derbyshire countryside, away from the busy high street, it’s a treatment many patients particularly relish.

Why not book a no-obligation consultation with Karen and simply have a chat about the chemical peel options available as well as have an analysis of your skin? If a peel is not suitable for you, Karen may be able to advise an alternative treatment more suited to your skin type.


  • When will I see results?

    There will be a temporary and immediate plumping of the skin. Your pores will appear smaller over the following six weeks as new collagen is stimulated and your results continue to improve.

  • How long will it last?

    It is beneficial to do a top up procedure every 6-12 months.

  • Is it painful?

    Any pain felt will be of an acceptably low level.

  • Post treatment?

    The treated area may appear sunburnt for 48 hours, but after that you’ll be able to return to normal duties with no signs of treatment.

  • Downtime?

    No downtime other than a pink face.

  • How much does it cost?
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