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My closest friends and family were always asking me why I looked so sad and was I ok. Siobhan, Co. Antrim


Fresher, younger looking skin. We all desire it and many of us are disappointed when we make an expensive high street purchase in the hope of drinking from the fountain of youth, only be left wanting.

We’re often dazzled by expensive looking creams and potions, stacked high and claiming to tighten, plump, smooth and lighten - but do they really work? More often than not the answer is no, they don’t. Yes, you can temporarily hydrate easily enough and the cheapest most basic lotion can provide some limited benefits, but products which make more adventurous claims simply don’t contain enough active ingredients to make any real difference.

Put quite simply, if they were proven effective and not ‘appear’ to be effective, they would be classed as medications and prescription only.

Skin rejuvenation, as a general topic, interests many of us. Who wouldn’t want to revitalise, renew, regenerate and restore and essentially look younger and better? Well, there are some very effective and proven treatments for this very purpose. What you need to understand is that a quick fix will most likely require some immediate downtime whereas to make a difference over a longer timeframe will require none.

The below treatments are available at Skin Solutions Clinic and are proven to be effective in their claims and used by many leading dermatologists and cosmetic practitioners. They vary in their purpose, effect and downtime. These are the treatments the celebrities and those in the know are privy too and yes, they do work.

  • IPL – Intense Pulse Light Therapy for age spots, blemishes, broken capillaries.
  • Chemical peel – The Perfect Peel is the latest medium-depth chemical peel with least amount of downtime and pain.
  • Dermaroller/dermapen – The simplest treatment for all-over skin tone and texture improvement.
  • Microdermabrasion – An all-over improvement to the texture and tone of skin
  • Obaji Skincare range

Karen Burgess BSc (hons) provides a range of leading, targeted treatments to rejuvenate the skin in complete privacy at Skin Solutions Clinic, or by yourself at home. Have you always wanted someone to sit down with you and discuss your skin in-depth? Why not book a consultation?

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