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One of the treatments that i’ve had at Skin Solutions is IPL for facial capillaries. Anonymous


Collagen stimulators are available at Skin Solutions Clinic. Many leading cosmetic surgeons now prefer to use these double action fillers. Not only do they provide an immediate correction to the area, such as adding volume to the cheekbones or filling out nasolabial folds, but they also contain collagen-stimulating components, which stimulate the body into producing its own collagen.

Radiesse, for example, is such a collagen stimulator and consists of two main components. One component provides an immediate filling correction to the injected area and the other helps the body to create its own natural collagen. As the first component slowly degrades over a few months, the second replaces it. After 12-15 months, the injected area will look as it did post-injection, however it will have undergone the transition via your body’s own collagen and not the initial filler.

Collagen stimulators are not designed to replace all dermal fillers however and each injectable filler has its own distinct area of application. Collagen stimulators are typically used for larger areas of the face, which require a more robust filler to provide a lifting and holding effect when in place. Lips, for example, require a soft and malleable filler suited to smaller, delicate areas. As with all treatments at Skin Solutions Clinic, Karen Burgess BSc (hons) will advise the best product and course of treatment, specifically created and FDA approved for that particular purpose.


  • When will I see results?

    You will see the results immediately, but be aware, you may also experience some initial swelling.

  • How long will it last?

    Collagen Stimulators can last from 12 months to 2 years depending on the product used and your own bodies metabolism.

  • Are collagen stimulator injections painful?

    There is slight to moderate pain from the injections. Collagen stimulators do contain lidocaine, a local anaesthetic with a numbing effect similar to dental injections, for your optimum comfort.

  • Post treatment?

    Treated areas will see some swelling and maybe bruising.

  • Downtime?

    Due to initial swelling, there may be some downtime, but this can vary. It is recommended you book a treatment well in advance of any important engagement.

  • How much are Collagen Stimulator injections?

    Prices for Collagen stimulator injections will vary depending on the level of treatment required. Price list.

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