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May 2019 Monthly Archives

a lady with full lips after lip fillers

Can lip fillers look natural?

Posted on

Lip fillers are often wrongly associated with the over-filled and all too noticeable pouts of some reality television stars and personalities. The term ‘lip fillers’ has almost become synonymous with lips that don’t look or move naturally, but Skin Solutions would like to clear some things up for you. Lip fillers can look natural when… Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermal Filler.
a mature lady with good skin after visiting a skin clinic

Subtle skin clinic treatments for ageing skin

Posted on

Treatments that stimulate skin renewal provide subtle and natural-looking results that are still transformative. Rather than augmenting a facial feature (such as adding volume to the cheeks using dermal filler), skin treatments enhance your complexion to boost collagen production, treat hyperpigmentation, and treat enlarged pores amongst many other benefits. Some people experiencing the signs of… Continue reading >>

Categories: Skin Health.

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