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'Chemical Peel' Category Archives

a lady smiling with a non-surgical rhinoplasty

New Year, New Skin, New You

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New Year, New Skin, New You Here at Skin Solutions Clinic, a renowned skin clinic in Derbyshire run by nurse prescriber Karen Burgess BSC (hons), we always make your skin our priority. We’ve seen it time and time again with our clients – when you take care of your skin, you look and feel happier…. Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermal Filler, Deso Body, Men.

Treating acne scarring

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At Skin Solutions, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures. While some are arguably beautifying, acne treatment is more condition-led, helping soften the look of scarring and helping those who have had the skin problem in the past feel more like themselves in the future. Before we go into the acne scarring treatments available, which… Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermal Filler, Dermaroller, IPL.

3 ways to rejuvenate your face

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Here at Skin Solutions, our comprehensive range of treatments mean there’s something for every person and every skin need. In this post, we’ll cover 3 of our favourite ways to rejuvenate your face, right here at our Derbyshire clinic. The liquid face lift These semi-permanent makeovers use injections to stimulate collagen production in your skin,… Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermaroller, V Lift.
a lady receiving a chemical peel

Your chemical peel aftercare guide

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A chemical peel, or a course of them, are great for remodelling and regenerating your skin, but they do need a little TLC after each treatment. They work by damaging the surface layer of skin cells that are already somewhat compromised, drying them out and encouraging the body to shed them in flakes of dead… Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel.

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