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July 2019 Monthly Archives

Dermal fillers for men

Posted on

It’s 2019 and men are now opting for injectable treatments such as dermal fillers. In recent times, the taboo is being lifted on aesthetic treatments for men, as it’s being widely recognised that men would opt in to look and feel good in themselves just as much as women. Body positivity applies to all sizes… Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermal Filler.

How Dermaroller treatment can help treat skin conditions

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Sometimes a face-cleansing wash just isn’t enough. Those who suffer from complex or stubborn skin conditions know that it takes more than a daily regime to relieve these ailments and that sometimes further treatment is necessary. If you’ve been looking for a solution to fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores or several other ailments, the microneedling… Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermaroller.

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