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Creating a safe space

Here at Skin Solutions Clinic we want to share the importance of a supportive environment. Laser hair removal is a big step to take for any patient, but in particular transgender patients. We want nothing more than to make every patient feel happy and content in our clinic, however we understand how daunting it can be for transgender patients.

Having hair in areas you don’t feel comfortable with can cause self confidence issues especially for those (MTF) male to female transgender patients. Marshall explains how intimidating this experience can be “Most people dont consider whether the clinic, restaurant or train they’re walking into is safe, but trans people do have to consider whether they are going to be attacked or harassed” (

This statement really stuck with us here at Skin Solutions Clinic, there is nothing we want more than to create a safe, comfortable and calming environment for those patients.

We would encourage all transgender patients to message us prior to their appointments, if they feel any concerns or uncertainty and we can fully put those worries at ease.

To find out more call us on 07809 492 356 or email us