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Deso Body, is it for you?

Do you have stubborn areas of fat that you can’t seem to budge?

As not only a medical professional but as a person I think we can say we have all had times where we feel everything we do, won’t make the weight go!

Deso body is a new treatment we offer here at Skin Solutions Clinic. The main ingredient to this injectable treatment is called sodium deoxycholate, which is a natural substance found in the body. The injection is carried out on stubborn areas of fat which over time will begin to resolve the fat cells which are present.

The fat is drained out of the body by our lymphatic system, which is an area of our body’s that drains unwanted toxins and waste!

However, as much as Deso Body is an incredible treatment the individual who may want this treatment should not be doing it for weight loss, it should only be for areas of fat that can’t be reduced by a healthy lifestyle.

The results of Deso Body can take up to several weeks and you may need 3-4 sessions in the desired area, however once completed the results are permanent (assuming you don’t gain weight).

Contact us here at Skin Solutions Clinic for more information on this treatment!

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