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The most natural treatment you can find.

PRP, you might have heard of it or you might be thinking what on earth is that?


Let us explain:


The reason PRP is claimed to be very natural and safe, is because you are only using your own blood, therefore the risks are very low. That’s the reason why we love PRP as a treatment and believe it can have many benefits. 


To explain briefly how it all works, imagine cutting your arm. When this happens, your body sends out ‘first responders’ which are your platelets in your blood. These help stop bleeding and heal the cut as fast as possible. 


Therefore, researchers found that if they could extract concentrated platelets and inject them into damaged areas of the body, it would increase and promote healing. 


Since finding this out, PRP has been used most commonly for hair loss. However it can be used in the healing of muscles and ligaments. 


In 2019, a team of researches carried out an experiment to prove the effectiveness of PRP (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal). With a total of 262 participants with alopecia, the results concluded increased length and density of hair growth, as well as increased diameter in the hair growth.  


Here at Skin Solutions Clinic, we are here if you have any queries or general questions about any of our treatments. We are here to provide the best for our patients and provide the most confidence for each individual.


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