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Our TOP 5 tips for cosmetic enhancements.

Make sure you’re getting these procedures for the right reasons. 70% of consumers claim that the reason they want cosmetic enhancements is to make them feel more confident, and that’s great. However, this can get very addictive, if you believe you are the type of person who has low self-esteem. Remember, confidence comes in a variety of ways, through our own mindfulness, rather than physical being.

Remember that they are medical procedures. The current culture we live in has normalised these treatments to as casual as getting your hair done. But these treatments, are medical. They should be done by the right people, in the right hands, as there are many different potential risks that could happen.

Do you research. If you are seriously considering getting a procedure done, please go and do your research. Here at Skin Solutions we see the negative impacts that treatments can have when done incorrectly. You will only ever have one face, which is full of important nerves and tissue that you don’t want to damage by getting a short time fix.

Everyone is different. It’s good to have pictures and thoughts on what look you would like to achieve, however, everyone is different. We have a variety of face shapes, sizes, features and looks. Therefore something you see on a celebrity may not be the best option for you. So come with an open mind and talk to the professionals you choice to go to about what they think.

Be excited. A lot of patients we see are nervous, which is completely normal! However, remember why you want these procedures and be excited for the confidence boost you will feel.

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