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That Winter Glow

Some may be happy to hear we are going into the winter season, and some may be dreading each day as the nights come quicker! However you feel, we believe winter time is the time to really indulge in self care.

With the colder weather drying out everyones skin, there’s nothing better than having a in depth skincare routine, in order to get that healthy winter glow!

Now, when we think of winter time, we think lack of moisture? We think dry, dull skin that needs life bringing back to it.

Here at Skin Solutions Clinic, our skincare range is the best thing to treat dry and dull skin. Weathering can have harsh effects on the skin, but with the right treatment, your skin can drastically change.


Our ‘Recover’ intense active night cream is the key to that deep moisturised overnight skin. 2 of the 3 main ingredients are specifically targeting skin hydration. Capric Triglyceride has gentle nourishing emollient properties that keeps the moisture locked into the skin, whilst Sodium Hyaluronate has the unique capacity to retain water. This moisturiser almost acts as a night time mask, perfect for those months where your skin is extra dry!

C – 10

Our professional strength vitamin C serum is the best for skin that needs a brighten in these dull months! Including Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate which has anti-bacterial effects on the skin, our serum also includes Ascorbyl Palmitate which has been shown to have a brightening effect on the skin, and reduces pigmentation!

These two combined in your night time routine, leave the skin super hydrated, and protected from skin damage and loss of moisture!

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