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a lady pointing to her tear troughs for dermal filler

Tear trough dermal filler for tired eyes

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Tired eyes through hard work and late nights are almost inescapable. After socialising into the small hours or after a restless night, we almost expect to see the hollows beneath our eyes exaggerated and darkened. This is natural, but sometimes even sleep doesn’t help the appearance of under-eye bags or tear troughs. When our eyes… Continue reading >>

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Continued Advanced Training

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Another invaluable and advanced training day in London with expert anatomist and consultant plastic surgeon, Dalvi Humza. Joined by Anna Baker and Jackie Holden.

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Our new website is live

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The launch of the all-new Skin Solutions Clinic website marks a new chapter for our clinic. The new website gives us a fantastic tool to showcase some of our many success stories, and to better communicate with prospective and existing patients on new treatments, including skin care products used by leading dermatologists.

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