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Hone your figure with Deso Body

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Starting a new year (and decade) gives you time to take stock of what’s really important in your life – you! It can be a time of realisation for some, as work, family and other commitments can sometimes get in the way of taking care of you and your skin. Here at Skin Solutions Clinic… Continue reading >>

Categories: Deso Body, Skin Solutions Clinic.

Treating acne scarring

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At Skin Solutions, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures. While some are arguably beautifying, acne treatment is more condition-led, helping soften the look of scarring and helping those who have had the skin problem in the past feel more like themselves in the future. Before we go into the acne scarring treatments available, which… Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermal Filler, Dermaroller, IPL.

3 ways to rejuvenate your face

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Here at Skin Solutions, our comprehensive range of treatments mean there’s something for every person and every skin need. In this post, we’ll cover 3 of our favourite ways to rejuvenate your face, right here at our Derbyshire clinic. The liquid face lift These semi-permanent makeovers use injections to stimulate collagen production in your skin,… Continue reading >>

Categories: Chemical Peel, Dermaroller, V Lift.

Our treatments for men

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The cosmetic industry may seem to be mainly targeted towards women, but times are definitely changing and the secret is officially out! More and more men are seeing and enjoying fantastic results from a whole range of treatments, with great prices, expert treatment and options for every area of the body on offer. Our top… Continue reading >>

Categories: Men, Skin Solutions Clinic, Treatments.

Free your face with a V Lift

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A V lift, also known as a liquid face lift, is a great alternative to having permanent plastic surgery on your face. They’re becoming increasingly popular and, owing to the fact that they’re semi-permanent, won’t change your face forever – so you can tweak your treatment in the future, if needed. How the treatment works… Continue reading >>

Categories: Skin Solutions Clinic, V Lift.

Your ultimate guide to Lip Fillers

Posted on

Despite the many misconceptions that still surround this procedure, lip fillers are fast becoming a popular treatment in providing fullness and definition to the lips. At Skin Solutions, high Peak, Derbyshire, we are here to inform you on all of the information you need to decide if you want to begin your lip filler journey…. Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermal Filler, Skin Solutions Clinic.

How to achieve fresher looking skin

Posted on

At Skin Solutions, High peak, Derbyshire, we are passionate about making people feel confident about their appearance. People often look into receiving treatments to achieve a fresh and youthful appearance, there are a number of treatment options to transform the appearance of your skin. Dermapen This versatile treatment is very effective in reducing the appearance… Continue reading >>

Categories: Skin Health, Skin Solutions Clinic.

Can Dermal Fillers look natural?

Posted on

At Skin Solutions in High Peak, Derbyshire, we take great pride in putting a smile on people’s faces and making them feel more confident in the way they look. If you are considering undergoing a treatment such as Dermal Fillers, it is important to consider who can help you achieve the results you desire. Here,… Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermal Filler, Skin Solutions Clinic.

Dermal Fillers FAQs

Posted on

Dermal fillers have become an increasingly popular treatment in the last few years as an effective solution for the correction of deep lines and wrinkles. They can add volume and definition to smaller, more targeted areas of the face and are used in lip enhancement treatments as well as the reduction of acne scarring. Advances… Continue reading >>

Categories: Dermal Filler.

Introducing Sunekos

Posted on

You have probably heard of Sunekos in conversation but you’re not entirely sure what it does and what it can treat. At Skin Solutions Clinic we’re proud to announce that we are the latest practitioner to provide this brand new injectable aesthetic treatment that rejuvenates the skin from its deepest layers. We bring you the… Continue reading >>

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